Happy ending storyes when problem whit your LV product:-)


Aug 25, 2009
I think it is so many negative threads about bad eksperienses whit LV, so I make a thread where we can sheare our sunshine stories.. Sure that its just not me who had a good service when we had trouble whit our beloved LV products....

I can share my stories first, over all I been lucky whit my purses. The first LV I got from the new store in Oslo, Norway was a speedy Minilin 30. After almost 2 years I noticed that the corners were broke, I guess after tear and wear. I wasen't happy whit it and took it back to the store and asked them what to do about it. They told me that the only thing they could do was to send it to France, and hear what they had to say. It will take about 8 weeks. Fine by me, but after 10 days or so I got a call, saying I could get a new speedy minilin or something else... LV had higer there prices since I got the bag, and gave me back the price the purse will cost today:smile: Thats how I got my Alma...

My other experience with excellent CC for LV was when I went to get my Damier Koala Wallet heat stampet. When I went to pick it up, my SA looked at it and say, no this dosent look good (looked fine to me). One of the letter wasent good enough he says( I think it was fine). And gave me a brand new wallet, whit a perfect heat stamp... And this wallet was used almost everyday for over 1 year...

So this is my experience whit LV repairs.. .Hope others have happy storyes to tell:smile::yahoo:


Jan 22, 2010
Los Angeles
Glad to hear!
I have a story with a negative beginning, but it all turned out great in the end.
I wanted to get the lock off my keepall opened because I had lost the keys on a defective fendi key chain. I asked one SA if I could just pay for a new lock that had the same key #, and she said that they couldn't locate one in their system (she didn't even try). I then asked if I could get keys made, and she said they couldn't. The best she could do was have me buy a whole new lock, and pay a locksmith to cut the old lock off. I had heard about other TPFers getting better help with their locks, so the next day I called customer service and complained to the store manager about the horrible service I got. I told her that I was a good customer, and I was instantly written off as soon as I walked into the store because I didn't look as "serious" as other shoppers. The manager told me that I could bring my bag in, and they would take the lock off for me and provide me with a new one.
The next day I took my keepall with me to the LV store. I talked to the manager (I had recognized her from shopping I did there before) and told her who I was. She instantly took my keepall from me and gave it to the person to take the lock off. While I was waiting for my bag to be fixed, she set me up with the Leather Goods Manager to take a look at some stuff. I asked the LGM about the Artsy, and she said they just came in that morning, and called the stock person to bring them down. I looked at them and fell in love instantly and immediately presold the MM. That day, I ended up buying a pink denim bandeau (not much, but still something) and the manager even gave me a whole extra lock with an extra set of keys for my keepall.
I went back to the store on Thursday to buy a cosmetic case, and the LGM instantly greeted me and helped me. She was so nice and she remembered so much about me! I bought the toiletries 19 from her, and then told her how excited I was about the Artsy. I took out my key and coin pouch as I was leaving and she told me about the email she got to sell the Artsy early, and she told me she still had a few pieces left in Rose Pop (the same color as my keys--I was so excited!)
Friday morning, I walked in the store when it opened, and she greeted me right away, and quickly rang up my Artsy and my new Sarah wallet in Vernis Rose Pop. I was in heaven! And I know that she will always be my only SA because she was so helpful and nice! LV certainly corrected my situation with the mean SA.


Aug 1, 2007
san gabriel
This is a story that happened with my sister but I thought I'd share it because it really reflects certain LV stores has excellent customer service, though I'd admit that is not the case all the time because I personally have dealt with some pretty horrible SAs. My sister purchased a Multicolor Ursula on ebay and got the bag with the receipt sent to her as well. She noticed the bag looked a bit strange with the side straps so she went into the LV store and asked about it. The SA told her that it was actually an irregular LV (didn't know those exist) but they took it right back and was going to have the straps repaired for her for free. Some time later, the SA calls my sister back and tells her they are going to give her a brand new Ursula instead! That was the sweetest ebay deal I ever heard about!


Apr 28, 2009
When I go to my LV sometimes they are rude, but I had a great SA last time. She brought out a ton of bags from the back, and let me try on so many bags. I was so undecided (finally I chose the BH). In addition I went back twice to and she gave the best CS both times. It was nice because other times I have been in there the SAs had snotty attitudes.


May 9, 2009
I never had a bad experience *crosses fingers*. And I don't have a regular SA. I just go to one that's the closest to me at the time. I have about 5 around me.
My first experience was at the beverly center and the SA went out of his way to make sure I had a good time when I told him it was my first LV. he wrapped it up and gave a card and walked me out the door with a genuine smile on his face. when I got the agenda from inside the Neiman Marcus, the SA was sooo busy but still took the time to go find refills for me for free since I bought it like in Sept.


Apr 7, 2010
I actually have a good experience purchasing my lv at oakbrook center when I first went there I look around but I already have an idea what I want so the SA came over and ask me if I need help and I told her im looking into getting tivoli gm so she show me the display and I notice its old and already have damage in it so she said she will check if they have stock turns out there out of stock but have 3pcs of tivoli gm dilivery in a week or so she ask me if I want to be on a list so I gave my name and phone number and after a couple of days she call and left me a message and she would hold it for 2 days I actually didnt return her call cause i was out of town and came back on a weekend and stop by the botique she so nice I actually wind up purchasing speedy25 as well she didnt rush me she even grab a couple of purses to try.
and on our way out the doorman or secuirty guard open the door and says have a good day.

also my husband bought a present for me and he said the SA who assist him is very nice and very helpful and explain some of the bag when I look at bussiness card its the store manager.