Happy Eid al-Adha!!


and a chocoholic!
Jan 27, 2006
wishing you and all muslim members around the world a happy Eid too..:heart: i pray when i get married one day that my husband would take me to perform Hajj. Inshallah all of us amen.
i remember when i was in Egypt two years back (or was it 3 years).. Eid was same day as xmas.. and everyone was celebrating so peacfully congratulating each other and wishing everyone a pleasant holiday.. i recall it was such a warm atmosphere. and everyone felt the joy of being humans whom share happy feelings at the end :flowers:
i miss that this year.. since my brother passed away in Ramadan.. so we all are still in trying to coop mood.. so we didnt go anywhere this year rather staying in saudi arabia.. my home sweet home :smile:.
i pray you all never go in the phase of loosing a beloved one ever. amen
May 7, 2007
OMG best wishes for ur finals!! i wouldve think about my collegues whom work as doctors.. i have one whom was on-call today! << i hope this makes u feel better :flowers:
Ohh thank you habbibti.. You are so sweet.. I took my finals today, and i think i did very good.. Hamdilah

Allah yarhem akukak, inshallah bil jana... I hope you feel better.. It just takes time


Jun 13, 2007
I just wrote my last final today n it was SOOOO HAAAAARDDDD lol kinda ruined eid for me =( i hope u guys had a good one
Parents are gonna be sending a lil extra cash for eideya YAAAAYYYY!!!!


Thank you God.
Feb 3, 2007
Happy eid to all of U!!! On eid Muslims sacrifise animals(inferior mammals) in realization that all of us are inferior to the creator and therefore in no right to judge fellow humans as less or more. May the spirit of peace reside in every heart for everyone! In these times of trial, let us all live by ' Love for all hatred for none!'