Happy Easter Fellow LV Lvoers

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  1. Happy Easter!!!!!

    This pic I took last year makes me miss my trouville!

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  2. Aww so pretty. Where is she now?
  3. Such a great idea!!! Yes yes please post more Easter pics of your bags please:smile:) OP and others:smile:😍
  4. Hopefully in a new good home lol maybe another tpfer got her, she was sold to Fashionphile and I got the black MC Trouville instead. I am such a sucker for the white MC but this bag was just too feminine for my taste however I think I possibly may have sold this problem with an order I made the other day.
  5. That's a great idea! I would love to see everyone's bags out. I'm staying I today though so I don't have any going out pics to share, I'm busy making ham, devil eggs and homemade mac and cheese, hubby is on veggie detail.
  6. Aww Happy Easter!!

    MC is perfect for Easter.
  7. Hahahaha! Bon apetit! So cruel! Yum! Here's my Noe BB with my soon to he hubby and I's Easter bunnies. They won't look so cute in an hour....😂

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  8. Like I said.... 😂

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  9. ^^ That's hilarious! Happy Easter everyone.

  10. Such a great bag for the occasion!!! Miss it? Did you sell?[emoji22]

    HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!![emoji214]
  11. Beautiful! Happy Easter!
  12. Yesss. I was trying to guess your purchase from fashionphile in the clubhouse...:P
  13. Happy Easter!
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    Thats really cute and yummy at the same time.

    Haha thats right. I have two coming from FP, will do a reveal as long as they work out. Im just concerned because like I said the 30 size may be too big for me. I have tried this size on in the store but I am hoping I can deal with it.

    Yes I did when I got the black MC trouville. The white mc in this style just didnt work for me but it is beautiful and yes I still do miss her now and then.
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