Happy Easter Everyone!

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  1. And Happy Resurrection to all my brothers and sisters in Christ!
    Hope everyone has a wonderful day whatever you do. We are going to Bar-B-Que later on and just take it easy. What do you have planned for the day?
  2. HAPPY EASTER TO EVERYONE TOO! I'm just chilling at home all day today.
  3. Happy Easter Shoo!!!

    We were going to Bar-B-Q but the weather has been pretty cold and wet, a constant drizzle here. No egg hunt for sure. I guess we could still cook-out but we'd have to stay inside. DARN!!!
  4. ^^^its overcast here too but warm. gonna watch the dodgers shellack the giants today too!
  5. My DH's sister came for a visit and we had lunch at a great Thai place. Then Dh and I rode our bikes to Belmont Shore to watch the Haute Dog Easter parade, which is always great. Now we are home and he is going to cook his killer chili and I made an Easter cake!
  6. Watched the Dodgers beat the Giants. Now hubby is in the hot tub, I'm blogging and waiting for him to get out to start the BBQ. I want cake too!
  7. Glad you had a fun Easter-have two pieces of cake please (one for me). I went to the barn to walk my horse (he's sick & on stall rest) and spent the day relaxing at home with my dane Dawson. Was supposed to go to SO's parents for dinner but opted out...complicated relationship with them too and just didn't want to deal today!
    Happy Easter everyone!
  8. Happy Easter everyone!! Went to church for Easter service and will go out to have BBQ dinner with the family. I'm going to the Dodger's opening game tomorrow. I'm actually pulling my 9 year old from school for the game(bad mom...). My DH got this front row tickets from somebody and the players ususally just walk up to you and sign anything you ask them to.
  9. Okay now I'm really jealous!
  10. aww. I hope your horsies feeling better soon. Whats he got?
  11. Have you fired up the Bar-b-que, Shoo?
  12. yeeup! just put the steaks on right now and set my timer.....
  13. Have a great Easter Bags :smile:
  14. Happy Easter everyone!!!!!!
  15. Enjoy your dinner, Shoo!!