Happy Easter everyone! Post your Easter celebrations & goodies with your Chanel

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  1. Happy Easter everyone!!

    I thought it would be a fun idea to post your lovely Chanel bags with an Easter theme for this weekend.

    Here's me going on an easter egg hunt with my Chanel basket :smile:

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  2. Happy Easter, gorgeous chanel

  3. Happy Easter!! Gorgeous shot and awesome post [emoji177][emoji177]
    Chanel Easter theme contribution:
  4. This is what I posted on my IG @helensfashiondiary:

  5. Blue chevron caviar mini...

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  6. Lovely pictures to get into the Easter spirit!
  7. Rose Gold/pinky gold rectangular mini and Eater eggs that my son painted, along with some rose wine.

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  8. Lovely Pictures Everyone :love::heart: Happy Easter!!!
  9. +1
  10. Wow, now that's Easter Egg Hunting in style! Thanks for sharing your Happy Easter photo! Can I have some candy? I ate all of mine already. :graucho:
  11. Helen this is so cute! Love the bow on the bunny face. Happy Easter!
  12. Your son did a lovely job coloring his Easter Eggs! So cute. We're bag twinsies on the Rose gold/pinky gold, except mine is a m/l. It's such a unique handbag being pixelated and all. We're not going to see that Chanel coming & going.

    Happy Easter!
  13. Just beautiful! Loving all of that bright color... especially the Chanel! Happy Easter!
  14. Love your blue Mini and your bunnies! Happy Easter Mooshooshoo!
  15. Happy Easter to you too!!!

    I recall seeing a few photos of the M/L size, was that your reveal perhaps?

    Would love to see more photos of the M/L, especially inside the bag (it's got such a lovely icy blush pink interior but not as much to look at in the mini size.

    It must look great in spring with your new iridescent pink flats!

    I absolutely LOVE this beautiful bag - even though it's metallic, it wears like a neutral!! (well, nothing's gonna stop me anyways)

    My husband often ask me to carry it when we go out - I can tell it's his favorite of my Chanel bags so far :graucho:

    Ms. Pinky is well loved in my family.
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