Happy Easter Chloe Gals!!!

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  1. Can I just say Happy Easter to all us lovely pals on the Chloe Forum.

    Hope you all have an eggcellent day hee hee :biggrin:
  2. Happy Easter to you too! Did you get many eggs?

    We built a tunnel with ours last night and put cat biscuits all the way along so they could explore :roflmfao:
  3. Hey Vic!!! Your cats are as crazy as you!!!!

    The girls are busily mashing their eggs in a bowl and leaving them out in the sun to make a disgusting chocolate melted gooey mess, but they are sure having fun!

    I didnt go the choco route, I got a new ipod nano instead ;) hee hee
  4. Which colour? I got the blue one for Christmas :graucho:
  5. i got the black 8gb one today, so my youngest now has my pink mini!!! Ipod recycling lol :biggrin:
    got the Prada phone coming on Tuesday too, so its a gadget week chez Jools xxx
  6. Have fun with all your new toys! I'll be slumped in the corner in a chocolate induced coma :p
  7. Happy Easter girls! No Easter eggs for me! I'm trying to be good and stick to my diet! :angel:
  8. Happy Easter to you all :heart:
  9. Blah, the gym's shut today. I think this is the first Easter during which I haven't been given a ton of Easter eggs; just as well really. Happy Easter gals!! :heart:

    UPDATE: I've just been given a chocolate bunny. Just as good as an egg!
  10. Happy Easter to everyone too! And to what seems like my "almost extended" family! Love the sisterhood at the purse forum!
  11. HAPPY EASTER!!! :drinkup:
  13. Happy Easter everyone! While you are all enjoying your chocolate eggs, I am stuck feasting on matzah (for Passover). AHHHHH! What I would do right now for one of those cadbury eggs! YUM!
  14. happy easter and passover everyone! :flowers:

    (and jag hang in there, one more day! unless you're like me and somehow have about five boxes of matzah left over...) :shrugs:
  15. What would be your choice of Cadbury if you could have it Jag? Cream Egg?