Happy early birthday to me - Anna Corinna Mid City and Gryson Olivia!

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I decided to treat myself to two handbags for my birthday this year. They came a bit early, and I wanted to share them with everyone. I got really great deals on both bags, so I'm especially thrilled!

    First, the AC Mid City...I have to say, it is definitely the BEST AC City size! It's really PERFECT. I've owned both the Mini and regular City totes, and like many tPFers, found both to be inadequate. Unfortunately, I've sold both so I don't have a side-by-side size comparison, but I have pictures of myself carrying the mini. I think the Mid City is very similar in size to my YSL tote, but much flatter. I ordered the tote from Luna Boston - and the funny thing is, it came wrapped really nicely (like they somehow knew it was for my birthday) and with a free gift - really lovely soap.

    First set of pictures coming up...first two are of me with the Mini...the last three are of the Mid City.

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  2. First two are of the Mid City...last few are the Gryson Olivia...

    And, I ordered the Olivia through the half yearly sale at Nordstrom. I owned the Skye, but thought it was too small, and sold it earlier this year. The Olivia is actually pretty large, and heavy, but I really love it. It's a really luxurious bag, and the fact that it was on sale for half off was too tempting to pass up.

    I've shown pictures of the bags with my Longchamp pochette (which has my LV personal agenda, phone, blackberry, coin purse, keys, and lip gloss), hardback book, and umbrella.

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  3. Oh, I also think that the Mid City is similar in size to the Balenciaga Day...and, sorry for the spotted mirror.

    For reference, I am 5'3" and around 112 pounds.

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  4. Gorgeous! I have the Olivia in mushroom and have been carrying it every day since I got it. I sold my Skye because I thought it was too small as well. I love the Olivia!
  5. I LOVE them! Beautiful bags and btw you take the best pics, it is great to see real life modeling pics and inside the bag. Happy birthday too!
  6. I think that Mid-City tote is just perfect on you. I have the large one but find I'm rarely using it. The mid-size looks really good!
  7. SuLi, happy birthday! Thanks for posting the pics, now I really want to get the mid but I'm waiting for it to become available in more colors...
  8. happy birthday SuLi! you have great taste in bags! the mid-size is perfect on you! p.s. I also love your YSL bag...it's going on my x-mas wish list...
  9. Beautiful bags and Happy Bday!
  10. Thank you so much for posting the pics. I am so undecided what to do because I have 2 mini cities which I love and just got the moni moni splendor because it seemed ridiculous to get yet ANOTHER city tote (mid size). But now I am thinking about returning the moni and getting the mid city after all.....Yikes, I CAN'T DECIDE!!! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  11. Great choices! I have that same Olivia in the same chocolate color and I love it!
  12. I also got the Olivia at Nordies half yearly sale (brown w black trim). I'm quite happy with it. I made the longer straps as short as they would go and use them when I want to carry the bag on my shoulder. It feels surprisingly light that way. Looks-wise I'd probably prefer to use the braided handle (as I think you did in your pic) on my shoulder, but the longer one is more comfortable. Down side of that is those longer straps get in the way sometimes of getting into the bag. But other than that I'm finding it quite functional. I keep my cell phone in the outside pocket with keys and it's quite convenient. Your plain brown is beautiful. I only saw plain black and brown/black combo. Also saw Skye but looked to small for me. Congrats on both your bags.
  13. Happy Birthday girlie.:balloon::party: I wish you lots of joy and good health.:heart:
    I love your Olivia bag. :yes:Looks great.:tup: Congrats and enjoy them.:yahoo:
  14. Happy Birthday! :flowers::wlae:

    Love them BOTH on you. Mid is the perfect size for the AC. And Olivia seriously has my :heart:. I have two from the Nordstrom sale and was going to return the white but now cannot bear to part with it! :graucho:
  15. Happy birthday and congrats on your 2 new bags! I love the AC mid city tote...I think I may have to go buy one now :yes: