Happy (Early) Birthday John 5!!!

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  1. I'm moving to Toronto tonight, and won't really have consistent access to the internet. But I wanted to give a shout out to one of my favorite tpf-ers and wish you a happy 21st John 5!!!

    Also...(although it could never work) I confess that I have a teeny tiny e-crush on John 5. How can you not love someone who's cute, funny, has an enomous wealth of LV knowledge, super fashion sense, and has the nicest way of reminding us silly tpf-ers to use the search function when we start a new thread about an old topic.

    So John 5 - here's a thread devoted to you, and your fellow admirers!:drinkup: (And of course it has to do with LV....it's dedicated to the Prince of LV!!!)

    P.S. For the record I do have a lovely SO, except he despises my love for LV...so John 5, you win this round. ;)

    Edit: Oops could a lovely mod please move this to the general forum - I meant to post it there, not in the reference library - lol!
  2. happy early birthday! He is pretty much perfect...and definitely the LV prince, if not King! :dothewave:
  3. Happy birthday John5! even though it is super early? What you drinking I'm buying! (mutters to self please don't say Cristal, please don't say Cristal)
  4. Yes...happy early birthday!!!!!
  5. Happy Birthday ! I really appreciate everything you have done for me on TPF ! without you it wouldnt be the same place ! enjoy! :yahoo:
  6. Happy Birthday, John! Wishing you more wonderful birthdays to come!:party:
  7. Happpppy bdaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :smile:
  8. Happy early Birthday. :balloon:

    Wish you the best in everything!!

    Let's celebrate.

  9. It's a BIG one John !!!

    You're finally legal !!!!!!

    Here's to you ....:drinks:oh, and I know you like those Midori Sours too, so here's one for the road...:drinkup:

    HAPPY 21 st !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Happppppppppppppppppppppppppppppy BiiiiiiiiiiiirthDaaaaaaay Johnitto :biggrin::biggrin: :heart:
  11. Happy Early Birthday!!!!
    Hope you have a great one!:nuts:
  12. Happy early birthday John! I mailed out your gift recently ;)
  13. Happy Birthday!!!
  14. happy early birthday john!! :biggrin:
  15. Happy Birthday !!!