Happy (early) bday to me!

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  1. #1 Sep 26, 2012
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    For the first time in my Bal history my wonderful man bought me a bag! He asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I told him - mostly for fun - and he simply said OK:nuts:
    Maybe a few glasses of wine had something to do with it, and that I said I could get the bag myself so he didn't have to go out and find me a present (like most men he hates to shop) :greengrin:

    I used to own an 05 Caramel City which I loved, but I bought it too used for my taste and also the leather was too thin and papery so I sold it. I have been missing that bag ever since, at least the gorgeous vintage brown color. When Cumin came out I knew this could be my Caramel replacement, so I dreamt and drooled and now I finally have it in my hands:cloud9: My bday isn't for a few days but who can resist not opening up the box when it comes in the mail?! Not me, lol.

    Here it is, Cumin RH City:




  2. I also got myself an early bday present :greengrin:
    Cumin RGGH triple tour:


  3. Cumin City & bracelet :heart:



    And here with my new McQueen scarf I got from a good friend. Ok, not super machy machy, but I think it can work to wear them both together.

  4. sigh.. and here I thought I was done this season... Grrr..

    love your bag (looks great with the scarf too), and the leather looks perfect.. :love:

    congrats, and happy early b-day present :biggrin:
  5. Omg!! Everything looks gorgeous! I love your McQ scarf especially. I just received my first one today! Do you tie your scarves on your Bals? I have been experimenting with ways to tie it on...

    Happy birthday in advance! :heart: It always feels awesome when a man bothers to give a gift that is actually what we want! :tup:
  6. wow the leather looks absolutley yummy!
    i also really like your new purchase.
    i've been wainting that McQ scarf forever you are so lucky.
    Happy Bday:balloon:
  7. Congrats, love your bracelet combo, and the leather in your city is insanely beautifully!

    Happy Birthday and have an awesome, wishing you many more Bbags to come.
  8. Oh my!! That is the prettiest cumin bag ive seen yet. Happy early bday dear *A* and so sweet of your man to buy you! Love the bracelet and scarf too!! You always have the best bags :smile:
  9. Yay!!! Congrats and Happy Birthday to you :biggrin:
  10. congrats again! and hbd! :smile: pretty color!
  11. Gorgeous, gorgeous bag and leather!!! I think Cumin is a wonderful replacement for Caramel, it's really growing on me! HapPy BirThDAy to you too! :Partyhat:
  12. Congrats and happy (early) bday to you!
    The leather on that city is amazing!
    Hope you are planning for a fun trip to take these 2 beauties out for ur bday? :smile:

    How is your baby doing, btw?
  13. Congrats, beautiful color and leather.
    i :heart: your McQueen scarf
  14. Congrats!!! Cumin is really a gorgeous color and a great replacement for your caramel city. Love the TT as well!! You are lucky to have such a great man in your life. Happy Birthday and enjoy!!
  15. Fabulous fabulous bag AND accessories! I think Cumin is one of those colours that really grows on you (as Scoobiesmomma said).

    Big congrats and Happy Birthday!