happy early bday to me :)

  1. my boyfriend surprised me with this:

    the other day:yahoo: it's so cute! it's a Dior teddy bear necklace. it's head & legs even move!
  2. awww thats so cute, congrats and happy birthday :heart:
  3. Happy Birthday!!!
    That's such a cute necklace, your boyfriend has great taste!
  4. :party:Happy Birthday!!!:party: That is so adorable!!!!!!!!:heart::tender::heart:
  5. Awwww, he is awesome!!!!

    That is one sweet necklace!!!! Your gonna get so much wear out of it...its perfect for summer!!!!!!!

  6. very nice. happy birthday!
  7. That's adorable!
  8. That is so cute!! I have a swarvoski teddy bear necklace that i adorrree :smile:
  9. So cute! Happy birthday!
  10. What a sweet present! Very cute! You have a very thoughtful boyfriend. Congrats!
  11. That's sooo cute!! Congrats! And Happy Birthday!
  12. Dior and teddy bear??? what a perfect combo!! congrats and HBD :smile:
  13. Happy Birthday! You have an excellent bf by the way... :biggrin: