Happy Diwali!!!

  1. Best Wishes to those that are celebrating The Indian Festival of Lights!
  2. ooh where was that taken?^ I don't even remember when exactly it's celebrated..oh well, happy diwali tpf!
  3. Mmmmm! I'm thinking of all the food I get to eat at Diwali.
  4. I found it while googling...It was apparently taken in Singapore.
  5. omg how pretty!!! im not sure what this is but im def googling it HAHAHA
  6. happy diwali!
  7. Wooo Happy Diwali, here are some pics from our celebrations tonight :biggrin:
    DSCN0155.JPG DSCN0153.JPG
  8. ^^Beautiful! We finished ours tonight, too. I can't wait for tomorrow!
  9. Happy Diwali! my mom is making sweets right now then we are gonna pray:smile:
  10. Happy memories -- I still have some of the pop up cards I bought in Little India in Singapore years ago.
  11. Happy Diwali to everyone celebrating!
  12. Happy Diwali everybody! :party:
  13. awww this thread just warmed my heart....HAPPY DIWALI GUYS!!!!!!!!! :smile:

    Wishing you happiness as big as Ganeshji's ears,
    Your problems as small as his mouse,
    Your life as long as his trunk and
    Moments as sweet as his ladoo.

    Happy Diwali!!!
  14. heyy not to be stalkerish but i posted a reply to your post about how youd rather have a 1ct tiff ring than 2 ct no name, i was reallly hoping you could get back to me, thanks : D!!
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