Happy day!

  1. What a steal!

    Ok, I went to the outlet today. And these came home with me.

    First pic is 5107 pouch, that was 48 dollars!!!!!
    and next two pics are 6844 cross body, which was 96 dollars!!
    I bought two crossbody bags, one for me, one for my sister!!!

    So, all together, that was 260 dollars!!!!!!!

    Actually I was gonna buy a swingpack, and I was really close to get one until I found this cross body bag. IMO this was cuter than those swingpacks. so.... I got these!
    IMG_6159.JPG IMG_6158.JPG IMG_6157.JPG
  2. Wow great deals! Congrats! I love cross-body bags. And I saw a woman today with the same demi you got but in khaki/gold. So cute!
  3. Congrats! You got some good deals!
  4. i LOVE the first one. great deals!
  5. Congrats on your great find!
  6. Great deals congrats!
  7. wow. congrats! you make me want to venture out to my nearby outlet.
  8. Thanks guys!!

    And I think you should really go!!! They had really good stuff with incredible prices. I was so attempted, but I just had to stop.

    As far as I can remember, they had a lot of swingpacks. And spring patchwork styles, legacy shoulder and ali canvas were 200 bucks, duffles were a lot cheaper. BESIDES, everything was to be going with additional 20 percent off!
  9. Love the cross body bag! I haven't seen that before! Is it an outlet only bag or a discontinued style?
  10. I *love* those! My daughter would love both of them--you got a great price! I might have to go look for those now!

  11. I haven't seen that cross body bag either. I think its called "double buckle field purse" or something like that. I did not even bother to ask SAs because I just loved it.

    Does anyone know about the bag?
  12. Congrats!! I love the pouch!!
  13. Congrats
  14. Nice bags!
  15. Woohoo! Congrats on your great finds!