Happy day, my first Hermes is here

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  1. Just wanted to show you all, my first hermes. :yahoo:

    It is not a bag, but it is a beautiful bracelet. As some of you might remember I choosed between the Farandole necklace and the Bracelet, and after some consideration I bought the bracelet. I just love it, it feels like a perfect everyday bracelet, goes with everything.

  2. Its a stunning--more classic and eternal than even many bags! Enjoy!
  3. Congrats it is beautiful wear it well
  4. Very nice congratulations to you!:tup:
  5. Beautiful chaine d'ancre bracelet! My favourite style too! Wear in the best of health. :flowers:
  6. Hi Salikons :ghi5: and congratulations on your bracelet. I hope you have your cushion ready as the Hermes slide is quite a steep and fast one so you'll need a cushion to land on when you start sliding!!!!
  7. Ahh, you bought the bracelet, great choice :tup:! Congratulations and enjoy your first H. :biggrin:.
  8. Congratulations! Wear it in the best of health.
  9. What a perfect choice! I love toggle closures.
  10. Hi Ali, sounds like I have to get myself a orange cushion, but then again for a woman my size I think I need a orange fatboy beanbag instead :graucho:
  11. It's sooo chic...CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  12. Great choice! Congrats!
  13. Excellent choice, as you say you can wear it everyday :tup:

    Congratulations :yahoo:
  14. congrats...........lovely bracelet............ I wear mine everyday, feel naked without it...............
  15. Gorgeous! Enjoy your first H!!!