happy dance .. Woot to elux

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. Did you buy it????
  3. hehe NO! elux doesnt ship here.
    and that is a little over priced for a mini pleaty IMO.
  4. i love it. i have the regular mini pleaty. which is almost as good, and a fraction of the price. lol.
  5. That is hot.
  6. totally agree!!
  7. LOL It is pretty, although pricey.
  8. ^^ I agree with you. I'd sooner spend that kind of money on a bigger bag or a LE one.
    but still nice to look at :biggrin:
  9. Cute bag...
    enlighten me here...by "customized", can you add personal details or what? Or does it simply mean customized by Judy Blame?

    Know nothing about this bag, I do agree it's a tad pricey for a mini pleaty, but cute!
  10. I love the LV denim line. I have the mini denim pleaty, but I actually saw this bag at Louis Vuitton in Macys and I have to say that it is a bit too much. The charms are an overkill and so is the price and that is what you are really paying for. Even the sales lady at LV said she would cut all the charms off.
  11. i think this bag looked hawt on the runway...but the price, for a denim product w/ some do-dads? umm...i'll pass.

    the original mini pleaty is cute! i might be inspired to pick one up, it is so roomy and soft inside!
  12. HA! Its out of stock already...
    I want to see the other cruise bags On ELUX..I want to get the GM too..LOL..TAX free....hee.hee,LMK if anyone sees them!
  13. Kinda looks like something you'd find at Guess.
    not a fan of this line at all.
  14. I dont think you have to cut the charms off the bottom, they look little key chain hooks.
    In any event over priced that for sure.
  15. It says part of the bag is hand sewn so that may be why it is expensive. I haven't seen any of the other cruise bags on elux yet.
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