Happy Constitution Day!

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  1. For us much is 'wrong' with the US, and as much as we like to grouse and complain....thanks to the Constitution for what makes America great. Thanks to those 39 brave men who signed it back on September 17, 1787.

    LOL...and thanks to School House Rock, because when my fifth grader came home & told DH and I that he was learning the preamble, to their amazement, I recited it. (Even if I did have to to 'sing' it in my head first) ;)
  2. Happy Constitution Day! (Is that what you guys say?)

  3. LOL, honestly, I have never heard of it before, but my son's school is celebrating it today...so I looked it up and thought...you know, not a bad thing to remember and celebrate :smile:

  4. Haha! Lol! Enjoy your Constitution Day :smile: I agree, it is a good idea.