Happy CL & More Day!

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  1. As a couple of you lovely helpful ladies know I've been trying to find a CL Mary Jane type shoe for a month or so with no joy. (special thanks to ashakes and wantmore)

    Anyhoo, I got a phonecall last night from the SA of a certain store to go and pick something else up so thought I would hit Harvey Nichols today on the way there to check out the CL's.

    I totally lucked out and got the black 70mm Simples in patent leather and adore them! I'm now hoping to find the nudes as the nude is just beautiful this season, almost milky.

    After this I headed off to pick up something else rather special......my very first Hermes Birkin!!! All in all......a GREAT day.
    The light is fading a bit here so will add pics tomorrow. :yahoo:
  2. What a shopping day Mooks :woohoo:! Can't wait to see pics...

    Did HNs have any other CLs worth shouting about?
  3. A birkin?????? :drool::drool: That's pretty much all I heard.
  4. ^^^^OMG Mooks Congrats!!! Its such a special day! I cant wait to see your purchases, especially your Birkin!
  5. wonderful, it sounds like a great day. Can't wait for your pics.
  6. :drool:

    Can't wait to see! :woohoo:
  7. Wow, a birkin and Cl's in one day. We want modeling pics! :yes: Congrats.
  8. Wow--:yahoo:CONGRATULATIONS!!! Sounds like you had one of the best days EVER! :yahoo:
  9. Wow!!!! Need pics!!
  10. Wow, congrats! What a lovely combiantion: Birkin and CL's!!! Please post pics of both!
  11. Which CL mary jane you are looking for? I just got the platform yoyo mary jane. PM me if you want info.
  12. Will definitely have some pics for you all to enjoy tomorrow

    mychillywilly, I've been looking for the Sock and Eventa :yes:
  13. Awww, mooks, you're welcome! I love helping anybody here in our little CL forum. I'm just paying it forward from getting help too from a lot of the ladies here.

    mmmmm.....about the Simple 70 in Patent Nude (blush undertone), have you called BG? They have them there (or getting them in).

    I can't wait to see your birkin - oops! - I mean your CL! LOL!
  14. man i can't wait to see your pictures!!!
  15. Sorry for the delay folks. I'm not going to do a fancy reveal but just show you the money shots....LOL!!


    And a lovely happy family shot :girlsigh: I've not removed the felt from the top of my bag yet.......slowly, slowly.....