happy christmas mulberry lovers

  1. hello fellow mulberry lovers :tup: Ive not been on the net for agggeesss after moving house, but Im back now, ready to drool over your lovely mulberries again :drool::yes: Just wanted to: 1) ask what have I missed?! Any gossip? Any new mulberries been purchased?:yahoo: 2) say hope you all have a lovely christmas!

    Looking forward to hearing about your sale purchases. Does anyone know whether the blenheim will be further reduced in the outlets?
  2. Merry Christmas to you too Hula!!!!!!!!! Waiting to open my Bayswater!!! Only a few more hours!! Hope you are wonderfully happy in your new home!!
  3. Hey honey!!! Great to see you back!!!! Loads has been going on,check the Mulberry and me thread,has lots of stuff and goss on there!!! I have got a pink Bayswater and today got a black Annie!!!!! And I've had the most fantastic Christmas!! You???:heart::love:

    OOO,and I saw oak Blenheims at Cheshire Oaks for £197,not sure if they've gone down anymore yet but you could give 'em a call 07515 577598 xxxxxxxxxxxx
  4. Happy Xmas hulahoop. Hope your house move went smoothly? I have acquired a black Joel which I am loving :heart:
  5. Merry Christmas, hulahoop. Nice to have you back.

    No new Mulberry purchases for me recently - very disappointing sale :lol:

    Can't help you on the Blenheim, I'm afraid, but it sounds like a few people are headed to the outlets tomorrow so they'll probably report back.
  6. hello- nice to have you bag and happy xmas! Got a choco ivy bayswater for xmas and on the search for a black Antony with my xmas money!!!!
  7. thank you everyone, its nice to be back. The house move went reasonably smoothly overall (a few hitches, as to be expected!). There is soooo much to do in our new house but Im still loving it!

    I am loving all the new mulberries too, you girls are so lucky!! Considering phoning the outlets, but is it true none of them take phone orders during the sales? There is no chance of me getting to the outlets now as I have rellies round this afternoon and am back at work tomorrow : ( Still undecided as to what colour/style I actually want anyway!