Happy "CHOO" Valentine's Day to me.......

  1. I know it is pass Valentine's...but I wanted to share this with all of you.

    My DH had emergency surgery on Christmas day and was very ill. It has been a trying time for the whole family.

    Well my DH wanted to do something special for me on Valentine's...and BOY did he ever...

    He handed me by first gift...and stated...There can only be one QUEEN and I'm it!
    Queen Bee.jpg
  2. This is a "Pandora" bead called, "Queen Bee"

    Now he handed me by second gift...and stated...I love you with all my heart.
    I love you.jpg
  3. On this bead...(I) is on one side...(love) is on another side and (you) is on the last side. Also there is the gold heart.

    Now for the last gift...He stated...I would have to wait for dinner to receive the last one.
  4. Well it seemed like the day lasted forever. I couldn't wait for dinner.

    What was the last gift...:thinking:
  5. We drove to dinner that night. We ordered our food...I ate my salad...and then our dinner arrive. It was a wonderful dinner. I was so full...then my husband ask if I wanted dessert...I stated...No I'm way to full.

    He then stated...well I'm going to order dessert and we can share it. The waiter then came over with a big tray with a cover. The waiter then stated...that this was for me. I said...no it must be for my husband...he ordered a dessert.

    My DH then stated...I love you and wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me in the last several weeks. I appreciate you and love you with all my heart. The dessert is for YOU.......

    This is what my dessert was...:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  6. Navy Blue Drummed Leather "RAMONA".......:heart::heart::heart:
  7. Congrats!! I have been lusting after this bag, but the stores around here don't have it in yet.

    You're DH is wonderful.
  8. :heart: LOVE IT!!! Congratulations! I saw the Navy in the Riki and the material is gorgeous! What a lovely DH you have. Can I borrow him to teach my DH a thing or two about romance and Valentine's Day???
  9. How sweet! Sounds like something out of a movie...:girlsigh:
  10. Wow!!! Congrats! I love the drummed leather. Beautiful :drool:
  11. jarmom, what a surprise! Your DH couldn't be any sweeter. He put a lot of thought into showing you how much you mean to him. The bag is lovely. In another thread I asked if anyone had seen the navy drummed leather and asked if it was soft...now you can tell me! Enjoy and wear it in good health.
  12. I love the way he gave you these gifts. Very sentimental & memorable! Great charms and the Choo is gorgeous. Enjoy!
  13. Oh JARMOM! That is just adorable... :tender: And how fitting - A Choo for dessert! I Love the sequence he did!!! Enjoy the Ramona!!! :tup: She's a beauty!
  14. :party:Jarmom Congrates!!!!:party:

    And tell your DH, Very well done!:tup:
    I couldn't have done a finer job myself!:tup:
    See Girls, US DH's :heart:Really Do Care About All of You!:heart:

  15. What a WONDERFUL surprise JARMOM :love:

    I am so happy for you :yahoo:and what a Thoughtful & Sweet DH :tender: