Happy Chinese New Year!

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  1. (And Valentine's Day, too!) :party:
  2. :balloon: Happy Chinese New Year!! :balloon:
  3. chuc mung nam moi!
  4. happy chinese new year to everyone!!!:Partyhat:
    and happy V-day as well :heart:
  5. Happy Lunar New Year to all!
  6. Year of the Tiger!!!
  7. Happy Year of The Tiger 2010 & Happy :heart: Day to all!
  8. YaY!! ~~happy lunar new year~~ time to pig out!! (and regret later) :smile:
  9. Happy Chinese New Year to all!
  10. Happy Chinese New Year to everyone.
  11. ...and as my friend from Calgary (via Hong Kong) just wrote to me...

    Kung Hei Fat Choi! :woohoo:
  12. Happy Chinese New Year =)
  13. Happy Chinese New Year! I got $20 today from the red envelope! Lol! :P
  14. Happy Chinese New Year! :heart:
  15. Talk about a powerful combination of important forces -
    First day of Year of the Tiger
    Valentine's Day
    Canada wins Olympic gold for the first time ever while on Canadian soil!