Happy Chinese New Year!

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  1. It is - again! :smile:
  2. Chinese New Year 2018: Dogs, luck and why you should avoid medicine, laundry and crying children


    Good luck! :smile:
  3. Just curious, why are you calling it "Chinese New Year"? I know there are some other countries celebrating the holiday, but they call it Lunar New Year

  4. Why shouldn't we?

    We also talk of the Vietnamese New Year, the Thailand New Year, the Iran New Year, the Jewish New Year etc etc ....

    So why not talk of the Chinese New Year?
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  5. I will be heading to the temple on New Year's eve at night and pray for around a couple of hours while the monks are chanting when it becomes New Years. After praying and giving our blessings to Buddha, we eat a vegetarian meal at 2:30 am or 3 am. I'm pretty much a zombie by that time though. :biggrin:
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  6. If you are a dog, you should wear some red underwear this year. It's supposed to bring you good luck!
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  7. I will think about it! :smile:

    And yes, I really am a dog! :smile:
  8. Soon the dog year will end - and the pig year will come.
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