Happy Chinese New Year!

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  1. Happy Chinese New Year for those who are celebrating! :P
  2. Yay, I'm celebrating it this weekend with relatives coming over. That means more "red bags" for me!! Yay!! Happy Chinese New Years to everyone out there!! Cheers!
  3. CHinese New Years = PURSE TIME! haha

    Happy Chinese New Years!
  4. hey!

    thanks for letting me know! im so out of touch with chinese culture these days!

    i hope everyone has a good time... fingerscrossed you get lots of little red envelopes!!!! :amuse:
  5. Gong hay fat choy! (Forgive my spelling!)
  6. I can't wait for my red pockets.. but isn't Chinese New Year on the 29th this year ? Maybe I'm just confused !
  7. I think it is the 29th. But I was just avoiding the rush, LOL!
  8. It is on the 29th this year...only a few more days away. I too am hoping to collect "red bags" towards more "handbags". Hehe.
  9. Gong Hay Fat Choy, y'all!!!This year is Year of the Dog, right?
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  10. Year of the Dog, correct!

    I can't wait!!
  11. Happy Chinese New Year :biggrin: I love the dragon dances.
  12. Ah, I haven't been getting any red little bags for the past 5 years but that's okay! I'm away from my family (they're all in the Philippines) and I'm not close to the relatives that are here but my BF always manages to get me some Chinese treats for Chinese New Year (and for the Moon Festival!).

    Edit: I forgot when the Moon Festival is but I love those mooncakes!
  13. It's not just Chinese New Year, other people celebrate it too! So...Happy Lunar New Year!
  14. i'm not chinese but bf is and his mother always gives me a little red envelope........going toward jen's bag fund :smile:
  15. Hee.. that's why Chinese New Year's gift giving is the best, it's not overly commercial cause you only get what you really want and is always useful.. e.g. cold hard cash !!! :lol: