Happy Chinese New Year!!

  1. Hello everyone, here's wishing all of you a very merry happy chinese lunar new year! It's the mouse or rat year this year and may all of you prosper in wealth or health or best of all both and go higher! lol I'm having my reunion dinner as i type. haha. Gong xi fa chai! :yahoo:
  2. a prosperous and happy Lunar New Year!!

    May your coming year be filled with BVs and all things you desire...

    Have a great year of the Rat ahead!! :yahoo::woohoo::wlae:
  3. Happy New Year to everyone!

    I'm going home to have a nice family dinner this weekend! Can't wait!

    Anyone else doing anything special?
  4. Happy Chinese New Year!

    Gong Xi Fa Cai!! :biggrin:

    I already had one big family dinner...a few more to come!
  5. Happy Chinese New Year!

    I wish I was home with family. :crybaby: But oh well, I'm there for reunion dinner in spirit! :p
  6. Today is New Year's Eve, right? I'm really excited because this year, my lunar birthday and my regular birthday are aligned again. DH and I are having dinner with my uncle's family tonight.

  8. Happy New Year!!
  9. Happy Chinese New Year!
  10. Happy Chinese New Year ~!

    I'd say briNg' On the red envelopes... but I actually have to give'em out this year... :wlae:
  11. Happy Chinese New Year!

    I was born in the year of the mouse/rat so it's my year!
  12. Gong Xi Fa Cai! This year is my year(rat) so may prosperity come my way!!!!
  13. Happy New Year everyone!

    Bf and I are planning a big celebratory dinner tonight.

    Also, remember to wear red underwear to bed tonight to ring in good luck for the new year! ;)
  14. happy new year!!! my sister was born the year of the rat... she's turning 24 next month, and it's her golden bday! she's excited its her year again.. :smile:
  15. Happy Chinese New Year!!

    Big family dinner tonight... and I am also the year of the rat! Love it when that happens =)

    Glad that none of my cousins/siblings have children yet, cuz I *definitely* cannot afford to give out red envelopes yet!