Happy Chinese New Year - Kung Hei Fat Choi

  1. Hi All

    Just wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year for tomorrow (18th) to all our fellow asian TPF's.

    Hope all of you unmarried ppl receive plenty of "lai sees" (red packets) that will help fund your next LV purchase!!!

    :drinks: :drinkup: :party:
  2. Lmao SO basically ALLL Tpf's! HAHA JUST kidding! But yes Happy new years to all indeed! :heart:
  3. Happy new year to all those celebrating!

    OT: I think this may get moved over to general :smile:
  4. Happy Chinese New Year!!!
  5. YAY!!! happy Chinese new yr!!! :party:
  6. since i'm getting older, i get less money... haha. oh, well... happy new year! i hope everyone gets LOTS of $$$. :yes:
  7. Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! Hope that all of you get even bigger ang pow this year!!! aah, the joy of festive season. :yahoo: New LV on the way with more ang pows on the way!!!
  8. happy new year from rensky!!!! get more $$, fund more bags!! (chant together with me)

    get more $$, fund more bags!!
    get more $$, fund more bags!!
    get more $$, fund more bags!!

  9. Yes, Happy Chinese Pig Year!!!
  10. Happy Year of the Golden Boar!!!

    Little red envelopes (or something pomme) for everyone!
  11. Yay, Chinese let celebrate, hehe, with LV bags!
  12. Happy Chinese New Year!!!:party:
  13. Happy Chinese New Year to you too!
  14. Happy chinese new year to you all :happydance::drinkup::drinks:. But i won't get red pockets this year since im not going back to my home country this year:crybaby:
  15. ^ Hehe. My relatives sent them over to America ^_^