Happy Chanukah Tonite!!!!

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  1. My husband made a brisket last nite for dinner tonite, so my whole house smells like a Jewish apartment building!!:yes:

    My kids were up at 5AM b/c they were so excited...the are going to be terrors later.:wtf:
  2. ^LOL!
    Im going to make Latkes tonight....My whole house will reek of them all week..but they are YUMMY!!!
    Happy CHanukah!
  3. LOL! I am slaving over the stove right now making Homemade Matzoh Ball soup, Latkes tonight and Sweet Kugal! I think my kids look forward more to the food then the gifts....nah not really. LOL

    Happy Hannukah!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You have a wonderful husband!

    I offered to make a brisket for my (new!) BF and I thought he was going to start drooling! :drool: LOL

    We're going to shul together for the first time tonight and will light candles together. I am nervous and excited!

    As my favorite rabbi would say....Chappy Chanukah everyone! :smile:
  5. thank you...you too...don't forget menorah before shabbos candles

  6. Yes! That's part of why I am so nervous! It will be the first time he will be here when I am lighting shabbos candles and for some reason that makes me nervous! :shrugs:
  7. Awww, happy hanukkah MY FAVORITE JEW CREW! Wanna play a round of dreidels ( or is it dreidal, never got it right in sunday school) ??
  8. im gonna go over to my friends house and eat latkes...he he he!
  9. Happy Latkes, um, Hanukah, to all! I was reminded that it starts tonight by the smells coming from a neighbor's kitchen.

    Naturally, I will be stopping by at some point to wish her and her family a Joyous Hanukah and to see if I can be of service in helping out in case she accidentally made more Latkes than they can possibly eat..... ;)
  10. Happy Hanukah to all who celebrate! Enjoy all the Latkes.
  11. Happy Chanukah! Brisket sounds delish! And latkes too! Enjoy!!!!!
  12. Happy Chanukah!!!!! ,I hope you all reccieved cool presents =]..Latkes ..yumm!
  13. Happy Chanukah and Shabbot Shalom Everyone!!!!!!!!!! We just lit the candles, but the real food fest starts Sunday for us-still need to cook. Can't wait to have my Latkes and apple sauce! YUM!
  14. Happy Hannukah, shushopn and everyone else who celebrates it. Can you please tell us more about the celebrations (especially the food bit)? Thanks.
  15. I must take a minute to wish everyone a Happy Hanukah also!!- I've been buying Hanukah presents for my grandchildren all week!! It's such a happy holiday!