Happy Chanel Birthday to ME!!

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  1. I just wanted to share with everyone my lovely new Bunny Rabbit Pendant Necklace from Chanel! My dad got it for me, for my 19th birthday on Wednesday :yahoo:

    I had asked him for it and he laughed at me like I was mental to ask for Chanel but he just surprised me with it.

    I'll post more pics when my other chanel birthday gift from my roommate arrives :yes:



    Enjoy! :heart:
  2. Congrats! What a wonderful dad you have!
  3. Happy Birthday to You! Love your bday gift!:heart:
  4. Ooh sooo pretty!! ;)
  5. How nice!!!! I love the Baby Animals collection!!!!!
  6. It's sooo cute! Happy birthday!
  7. Aw, what a wonderful present! It's beautiful.
  8. happy birthday and enjoy your gift
  9. Happy 19th birthday and congrats on your new Chanel necklace.:yahoo:
  10. Happy Birthdaaaay to you :yahoo: :yahoo:
    love your rabbit pendant looks so cute .. :heart:
  11. too cute! happy birthday!
  12. Cute!
  13. happy birthday. nice b-day present.
  14. Congrats! happy birthday!
  15. awww your dad is the sweetest!!! happy birthday to you!

    and the pendant is so cute, cant wait to see what else you got!