Happy Chanel Birthday to Me!! Part 2

  1. Okay here is the other chanel gift that my room mate got for me. I hope you all love it as much as I do! :heart: Enjoy!




  2. So cute! Congrats! Happy B-day :smile: !
  3. OMG!!!!!!!!!! That is TOOOOO cute!!!!!

    congrats!! what a great friend you have!
  4. It's freakin adorable!!! :smile: I love it, what a sweet friend you have, congratulations!!

  5. Too cute! Very sweet roommate!
  6. So cute-
    Happy Birthday~~~
  7. This is so cute~ Happy Birthday!!!!
  8. best roommate ever!! loves it! happy birthday!
  9. oh, how adorable!!!
  10. it's so cute .. so sweet from you room mate :heart:
  11. congratz !! Happy bday
  12. aww so cute! happy birthday!

    i love baby animals!!
  13. ooooh cute!!!! i wich my room mate gave me that LOL
  14. I want that too!!
  15. omg!!!!!!congrats!!