Happy Birthday!

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  1. Our little Valentino sub forum is three years old! I remember we were so excited when Megs told us we finally qualified for a forum! To celebrate, I thought maybe we could all post something we love about this sub forum. Maybe a link to your favorite thread, or a story about a member who helped you out.
    I'll go first: my absolute FAVORITE thread is MGA's through the years thread. It's so informative and truly broadened my knowledge about Valentino.

    Oldie Valentino lovers and newbies are all welcome to post!
  2. I love your collection thread, LabelLover, along with MGA's and Mithril's.........the three of you introduced me to Valentino and I love all the bags you've shown. I only have one Valentino right now, although there will definitely be more in my future. I've got a black Napa Catch satchel that I bought from Yoogi's a little over a year ago. It's such a beauty! I'd love a Rockstud domed satchel and either the flap or hobo bag........Happy Birthday to the Valentino sub-forum :smile:
  3. I think this is one of the most beautiful brand of bags but yet one of the quietest on the forum. I don't know why. The beauty, the quality, the prestige, the history.
    That's ok, though. Our little group understands and appreciates them. :smile:
  4. Oh my, thank you for the compliment! It has been a pleasure getting to know you KM!!

    I know, a lot more people started to come by for RS, but it's still quiet. Oh well, you're right, it's like very few of us are in on a wonderful secret! :hugs:
  5. I would also like to add the one bag I constantly think about:
    Mithril's python rose vertigo! This bag is leaves me speechless. Literally I can't even begin to tell you how much I love it. And I can honestly say the woman who wears it deserves nothing less than the best!

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  6. I am not new to Valentino but quite new to the forum. Just wanted to say happy 3rd birthday Valentino Sub Forum :smile:
  7. Rock(stud) on!
  8. Your Aphrodite is another one of my favorites, Nas.
  9. I love it too. It is so feminine.
    I bought a black one way back when and returned it. Huge mistake. :sad: