Happy birthday, ~voodoo~!!!!

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  1. Happy, happy birthday Voodoo, darling!!!

  2. :Partyhat:HAPPY BIRTHDAY VOODOO!!!!!:Partyhat:
    I hope you get lots of Tano for you birthday!
  3. :yahoo: Happy Birthday!!! :yahoo:
  4. Hey, Voodoo! I sincerely hope you have a very happy birthday, girl!!
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!.. May all your wishes come true~
  6. oh yeah, we have another birthday, woo hooo!!! Happy Birthday!!
  7. Happy Birthday, Voodoo!!!!!!

    Have a wonderful day and give Duke a big hug and smooch from Boxermom :smile:
  8. AWW HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope it's a good one!
  9. Happy Birthday, fellow Texan!! :heart:
  10. voodoo happy birthday girl!!!! I hope you get lots and lots of tano for your birthday!!!
  11. Happy Bday!!! :drinkup:

    Here's what I got !! (It was actually finished Sunday)....


  13. Happy birthday voodoo!
  14. OMG, Voodoo!! That is absolutely drop dead gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Happy Birthday!!