1. Have a wonderful birthday, Traci! Hope all your b-day wishes come true!
  2. Thank you!!! I'm having a great day! Dinner with family and hubby prepared it all! Got some very nice gifts too! Thanks again!
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRACI !!! Have a great day !!!! :heart:
  4. WOW, born on New Years' Day? Two reasons to celebrate! Happy birthday! :drinkup:
  5. Happy birthday Traci, I hope it's a great one!:party:

  6. Yes! I am actually the New Year's Baby for 1969 for my town!

    I kind of run into the same thing as the Christmas babies though, everyone always says...oh you'll have to wait for your gift...I'm tapped out from Christmas! LOL!

    Either that or a snow storm kills it! Ha ha, but that's ok, this one is fab!!!
  7. Happy Birthday Traci!!

  8. Happy Birthday to you Sweetie!!!

  9. Wow, how cool is that??

    Happy Birthday, Traci!! :heart:
  10. Happy Birthday Traci!!!!!!

  11. Happy Birthday Traci!! May the year ahead be the best one ever!
  12. Happy Birthdayyyyyy!!!!!
  13. Thanks everyone!!
  14. Happy Birthday Traci! It's great having you as an LV mod!
  15. Oh Traci...Happy Birthday!!!:heart: :balloon::balloon: :heart:I'm glad it has been a good one so far!!