Happy birthday to Purse-Ooooh!

  1. not sure if this thread belongs here, but i was just on the main TPF page and noticed that several birthdays are mentioned today, one of them being the bbag forum's own Purse-Ooooh! :okay:


    hope you're treating yourself to a scrumptious new bbag!! :drool: or better yet, someone else is!
  2. Happy Birthday Purse-Ooooh!!! :smile:
  3. Happy Bday Purse-Oooh!!! its also "D" hmwe46's bday too (if its still the 31st July?)! but not sure if it is now coz its Wednesday over here today... so that makes it 31st July in USA right???
  4. Happy Birthday Girlie.:balloon::drinkup: I hope you are enjoying this special day.:yahoo::heart:
  5. :drinks: HAPPY Birthday PuRse:huh:OOH!! :balloon::flowers:

  6. Happy Birthday!! :balloon::balloon:
  7. :drinkup:HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PURSE-oooooH!!!! :biggrin::balloon:

    :whistle: and many more b-purses to Youuuuuu :drinks:
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! :balloon:
  9. Awww!!!! How sweet of all of you!!! Thank you so much!! :girlsigh:I am hoping to score some nice Birthday goodies today (my actual B-day August 1), although, I certainly haven't been lacking in the "treating myself" department lately!! :nogood: I will keep you posted!!! :graucho:
  10. Happy Birthday Purse-Ooooh!

    Cheers! :drinkup:

    Looks like we have a lot of Leos here.
  11. Happy Birthday!
  12. Happy birthday purse Ooooh. :yahoo::tup::balloon::tispy::flowers:
  13. Thanks guys! You are the BEST!!! :yahoo:
  14. happy birthday!
  15. Happy Birthday!