HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Bbag girl sea!!!


    :heart: May your day be bagolicious!!!!:party: :heart:

    You have contributed so much to this forum and I appreciate all that you do!!!:flowers:

    May all you Balenciaga wishes come true!!!!:balloon: :balloon: :balloon:

  2. aaw.... thank u so much zac :crybaby:
    i'm so touched :crybaby:
  3. Happy birthday Seagirl!:happydance: :happydance: :happydance:
  4. Happy Birthday! Have a magical day!
  5. thank u again cutestmomever, twinkle.tink.

    because it's sunday, so no delivery for me. but i hope tomorrow i'll get some of balenciaga accessories on mail :yahoo:
  6. Happy birthday!!
  7. :balloon::balloon: HAPPY BIRTHDAY :balloon::balloon:
  8. Happy Birthday!!!! Have a wonderful day!:party:
  9. Happy Birthday!! Hope your day was perfect!
  10. Happy Birthday sea!!!!

    Here's to more Bbags and accessories!! :drinkup:
  11. :balloon:Happy BiRthday!!!!!!!!! :drinkup: [​IMG]
  12. Happy Birthday! :smile: