happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  1. i spent my birthday in podunk (aka minot ND) for my sister's wedding. talk about stealing my thunder. :smile: but i had a good time and she bought me a cake so i was happy....

    (oh and btw happy birthday jag, my birthday twin!)

    i came home to this amazing ring from my more amazing hubby! i've been wanting a ring for the other side of my wedding set but i was SO suprised he actually got me one! at least for a birthday.....i made it really easy for him by giving him the website and the ring size on my wish list ;) but he doesn't put much stock in birthdays. i assumed he was waiting for a bigger holiday (christmas, anniversary, etc) for diamonds.

    the rings match almost perfectly....only i can tell the difference between my wedding band and the new one. and for a discount online jeweler, it came beautifully packaged and is extremely high quality. i highly highly reccomend www.ross-simons.com.

    anyway, on to the good part! pictures below! (in the side by side shot, my wedding band is on the right)
  2. Happy birthday!!! What a beautiful present! Your rings look gorgeous on you!
  3. Meeee tooooo! 55 years of fabulous hotness today!

    And I couldn't be more delighted with my newfound Birthday Twin - one of the very first people here who was kind to me when I was very new!

    Here ilzabet, have a Jamaican beef patty/gyro/tandoori chicken pizza combo with me - Guaranteed halal AND kosher! Gotta love my hood!

    And gotta love birthdays! :biggrin:
  4. so pretty! congrats and happy birthday!!
  5. happy birthday! Congrats its so pretty!
  6. Happy Birthday! What a gorgeous ring..
  7. All your rings are gorgeous! I love them all together like that. Happy Birthday!!
  8. Happy Birthday! What a pretty ring. The entire set looks amazing.
  9. Sooo pretty...congrats!
  10. happy birthday!
  11. Happy birthday.
  12. Happy birthday! It looks sooo FAB! :heart:
  13. Congrats
  14. Congrats! They're gorgeous!

    And Happy Birthday!
  15. Happy birthday, gorgeous!! LOVE that ring - wow!!