1. My birthday gift from the lovely bf :yahoo:
    He got the wrong size, but I quickly ran to the store to exchange them for the right size...THANK GOD they had my size!!! lol

    :heart: :nuts: :wlae:
  2. I can not see the pic....I WANT TO SEE!!
  3. Happy Birthday indeed! :balloon:
  4. wow fab shoes, and what a lovely partner.

    Hope he takes you somewhere lovely to wear them out for your birthday :smile:
  5. They are gorgeous! Happy birthday!
  6. congrats and happy bday tooo!!!
  7. Happy Bday- they are gorgeous!!
  8. Yay! Happy birthday!
  9. wow! your activas look great! ^_^
    what a nice bf!!
  10. Love those! Happy Bday.
  11. Gorgeous! Happy Birthday to you!
  12. happy birthday!
  13. Congratulations! What a thoughtful BF.
  14. Congratulations happy birthday.
  15. He messed up last years birthday, so he made up for it this year...lol
    Thank you all for the Birthday wishes! :tender: :heart: