1. I decided to by myself a new LV for my birthday....thought u all might like to see :yahoo:
    I love to share with everyone!

  2. I LOVE EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I absolutely adore my pochette!!!
  3. AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! (I get so excited I forget occassions!----)
  4. Congrats on your new Azurs & Happy birthday
  5. so pretty! :love: Happie Birthday! :party:
  6. Happy Birthday! Love them!
  7. nice stuff! and Happy Birthday :smile:
  8. Happy bday and congrats!
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and CONGRATS on such a great buy. i really love the azur line!!~
  10. Thank you all soooo much!!!!!!
    I bought these today and now i want the speedy lol
  11. Happy Birthday! Congrats on the bag. I just love that style and colour.
  12. Cute Azur pair! Happy Birthday and no better way to treat yourself!
  13. Happy Birthday, dear.. Many LVs to come.. :heart:
  14. Happy birthday and I must say that when I first bought my azur pochette I wasn't sure that it would go with many things. So far it is the bag I have used most as it goes with everything.
  15. happy birthday!!!!:party:

    they are too cute!!! yeah, you NEED speedy to go with now....!;) :heart: please model them for us!!!!