Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Here I am all bummed out today because it's raining on my 30th birthday. I have reached a new era in my life and there's nothing to do, it's to wet outside to celebrate and indulge in the sales going on around me:crybaby:.
    I finally decide to go have a look on the web, even though I know all the chloe's are gone:shrugs: . I click on Neiman's and what do I see:wtf: an Ivory bowler(patsy) for $400 and the large silverado doctor bag in dark brown for $690. Well needless to say, I snatched both of them up right away:yes: and now I'm feeling that this may be a Happy Birthday after all:wlae: :yahoo:
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!:queen::heart:

    So happy to hear you spoiled yourself for you bday! Please post pics of your new birthday loot!:heart:
  3. Happy birthday & congrats on your purchases, well done!
  4. Happy Birthday to you.
  5. Great job!!!! Happy Day!
  6. H:heart: A:heart: P:heart: P:heart: Y B:heart: -:heart: DAY !

    please post pics of your spree ... i always say to all my family and friends ( just in case ...) that a bag is the best gift for any occasion !:yes:
  7. Happy Happy!!!!

  8. Happy Birthday! :drinkup: great purchases! good for u! i wish it's my bday too. :graucho:
  9. Thanks for the all the birthday wishes:love: Isn't it amazing how buying a chloe at a great price can brighten your day;) and now the sun is out so I guess i get to hit those sales after all:yahoo:
  10. Happy Birthday, I tried for the bowler, and missed it, but glad you got it for your birthday. Makes me happy you got it instead of me. Some things are meant to be!! Congratulations!!
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! getting chloe always brightens my day! be sure to post pics : )
  12. OMG, u r a lucky, lucky gal. I missed the sale, still in a bad mood :crybaby:
    Hey, look on a bright side, two chloe in one birthday, how lucky u r... jealous
    Anyway, Happy birthday.:cutesy:
  13. Happy Birthday! What a great way to celebrate!!!! Can't wait to see pics!!!
  14. Happy birthday.
  15. oooh..congrats! and Happy Birthday!