Happy Birthday to me...

  1. Picked up a pair of sunglasses - 5102 - in Nordstrom. Love them. So comfortable and a really good size for my face (not too BIG!). Got them in the tortoise.

    Can't find a decent pix of the glasses in tortoise, but attached a pix of them anyway.

    Also, picked up my first bag. I believe it's Circa '01-'02? It gives me this feeling that my Godmother carried it 35 years ago - mixed with a sense that it just debuted last year. I think that's what I love about it. Thoughts?

    (Disclaimer - My b'day is still 2 months away. Figured I'd start early.) :yahoo:
    chanel_shoulder_front_reference.jpg 5102.jpg
  2. :drinkup: CONGRATS!!! Happy Birthday!!!

    Love the sunglasses :heart:
  3. Great sunnies.

    Happy Birthday!
  4. Happy early birthday! By the time your birthday rolls around you'll have a collection lol!
  5. congrats and happy birthday :party:
  6. Congrats & an early Happy Birthday!
  7. Congratulations and happy early birthday!
    I've got the same pair, but in black.
    I bought them last summer (from the 2006 collection) and never regretted it, I did get so many compliments :supacool:
  8. Nice birthday stuff!
  9. Happy Early Birthday! :yahoo:

    I like the bag, it's a great goes-with-everything, casual-yet-elegant piece.
  10. Everyone should have a multi-month birthday celebration. :drinks: Happy birthday and I love your bag and sunnies. Congrats!
  11. NICE B day presents !!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats !
  12. Congrats..enjoy your birthday!
  13. Congratulations !!! HAppy Birthday !
  14. I love that bag! And the sunglasses too! Happy birthday!
  15. Both are very nice-- love the sunnies!
    Happy Birthday!