Happy Birthday to Me??

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  1. Well, during PCE I bought the parchment Café Carryall, brought her home, and put her away to wait until my birthday, which is today. I figured I'd do a birthday reveal of her and the lovely Cornflower Madison Hobo that I found at my outlet over the weekend.

    However, I know that you've seen both bags and I now need some advice from you wonderful TPFers. I lost my job yesterday -- yup, a day before my birthday. So, before I get too depressed, I've got to start planning my next steps toward finding a new job. That includes preparing for interviews. I'm just wondering, is the basic black bag still the thing to wear to an interview? And, would you carry both a handbag and a business bag? Or try to put everything in a business bag? So, what's your ideal?
  2. Sorry to hear such news right before your birthday, but hope there is greater opportunities on the horizon for you.
    I would carry just one bag for an interview, either black or navy. Hopefully big enough to fit a small purse inside and all your paperwork.
  3. So sorry. What rotten timing. As for an interview bag. I'd carry one or the other, not both. That extra bag might make you look overburdened and unorganized. I have always heard/read not to carry an obviously name brand bag to an interview. But I think it's fine as long as it's not emblazoned with logos. Best of luck to you in your job search. Onward & upward!
  4. So sorry to hear about your job. Really bad timing but I'm sure you will find something better soon!

    I'd go only with one bag. I'd pick a bag that goes nicely with your outfit but it is not too loud. Good luck!

    ah, and Happy birthday to you!
  5. Thank you. I'm trying to look at it as an opportunity. And thank you for the feedback--I'll have to see just what I can fit in my black bags.
  6. Thank you for the kind wishes. I really thought the timing could have been better! I see what you mean about two bags not working. I don't carry logo bags, so hopefully I can find something in my collection.
  7. Thank you -- for the birthday wish and the words of support. Would you wear a bag that's not blue or black? Say, camel?
  8. Happy Birthday! I'm sorry about the transition (I hate change!) but I know you are moving on to where you need to be which is to a much better place and environment. :smile: Opportunity it is!

    As for the interview, if your position normally requires a separate bag, I would definitely look the part. Otherwise I would stick to the one bag, at least for the first interview, and keep it simple. It is just a getting to know you event the first time out. Although I wouldn't necessarily shy away from color. You do want to stand out but I agree with the others about not doing it with any bold prints or logos. Keep it to one shade and I think you'll find the right bag and new position. Fingers crossed it's very soon! Now please let that go for a bit and go celebrate! :Partyhat:
  9. Happy birthday! On to bigger and better things, right? Sorry about your job. I would say a neutral bag that complements your outfit would be great. Unless you are in a creative field, then there are more options.
  10. Happy Birthday! Sorry about your job.
    I would say to carry one bag, depending on what you will need for the interview.
    I wish you luck :smile:
  11. Happy birthday!! So sorry to hear about your job....there is a reason for everything, and I hope yours is that you find a better, great job that you love!
  12. Happy Birthday! Hopefully this unexpected job change ends up being a blessing that was meant to happen. Good things sometimes come in the disguise of bad things. It's only later do we realize it was to our benefit.
  13. Happy birthday!! I hope you are enjoying a good day even with the bad news from yesterday. I hope you find a new position that is awesome.
  14. happy birthday girly!! sorry to hear about your job....stay positive!! sending you good vibes :biggrin: and personally i'd just stick with a shoulder bag that can hold what i would need. good luck
  15. First of all Happy Birthday to you. I hope you are able to look at the positive and enjoy your day.

    I am sorry about the loss of your job....but as others has said there is something better coming your way.

    I personally haven't done the interview thing for a while - but I would think a neutral bag would be best that matches/compliments your outfit. I am completely a neutral girl so I think a classic black, navy or a brown/camel would work well.

    Best of luck to you and hope you are able to enjoy your day and celebrate.