Happy Birthday to Me! :)


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Dec 31, 2007
New Jersey
Today me and the hubby visited some family and before going home we stopped by the local mall. We parked at Macys, walked in the handbag department and he said, "pick out your birthday present!" :nuts: and on that note I headed straight for the Coach counter. Met a very helpful SA and after about 45 minutes of looking, and feeling and wearing bags I fell in love with this!

Alex stitch patent tote in Anthracite 328.00

Mia sigi lurex checkbook wallet on sale for $109.00!

I so love this bag. It has everything I need in a bag, zipper top, (not a break away zipper) long handles and an outside pocket. And my first patent leather bag! My birthday is tommorow but since the hubby has to work all day tommorow I got my present a day early! :P

PS> My purse organizer was another gift from QVC!


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Jul 1, 2010
Those are wonderful items for your birthday. Wish my birthday is tomorrow! :biggrin:



Nov 24, 2009
Congrats! Happy Birthday!! :Partyhat:

Is that Alex new to Macys? I don't remember seeing it when I was at Macy's last. I only ask because I had an Alex just like that that I bought in Jan for my birthday. The patent was starting to peel on it and I was so sad. I ended up getting credit for it from Coach and bought a different bag but would love to replace it with one just like it. Or awfully close to it. Do you have the style number? I would love to look more in to this. :smile: