Happy birthday to me!

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  1. Okay so my birthday isn't until March 17th BUT I was kinda depressed and decided to get my lazy butt over to BalNY (It's three avenues from the nearest subway so I never feel like going... I had them ship my moto jacket!) Anyway- I am SO HAPPY I did!

    I had been corresponding with Michelle who had said she had an officer envelope with ggh for over a week. It sounded perfect since I wanted something in ggh before it was discontinued (she said that styles were ordered this season with ggh so it might just be a rumor??) Then I saw the anthra sgh on bluefly on sale so I snapped that up only not to like it when it arrived (thanks for the advice on that one tpfers.)

    So I called her up at the end of the day today and she said she still had the officer ggh. She also had canard come in today (rh city and rh first one of each.) I decided I needed to go.

    I bolted asap out of work and made my way down. Walked the three aves over and finally found BalNY. Michelle greeted me right away and brought me over the officer envelope. We oooed and ahhed at all of the new moto jacket colors (petrol, olive, and two different browns.) and saw the new olive city. I was kind of debating the officer and the canard. The officer was almost the same color as my jeans but the canard was kind of tealish (NOT AT ALL BLACK!!!!!!!) THEN she opened the envelope draw! I didn't know what I wanted exactly.... but I spotted raisin.

    So I took out all of the purple ones and thought they were all raisin but then suddenly noticed that two of them didn't look the same purple....................

    I frantically looked at the tag and we both excitedly exclaimed it was SAPPHIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MY FAVORITE BAL COLOR! I am new to loving bal and really missed out on my favorite colors. WHAT A NICE SURPRISE!!!!!!!!
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  4. so which did you end up getting?? all of them?? :graucho:
  5. Happy early BD to you miss Hanna!!!
    What a lovely find it is.
  6. Did you get the Officier and the Sapphire? They are both lovely. Congrats!

    Now I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Olive City. I am really excited to see more of this colour. :smile:
  7. Ooo:huh:o:huh:Oo !!! Happy early Birthday!!!!!!!!!! So BEAUTIFUL!

    and Olive city.... :drool:!!! How amazing was it?!
  8. YUP!

    OLIVE IS GORGEOUS! I am not really a fan of the shade olive in general but this was gorgeous. She only had one and it was in RH but she said that the pgh is coming in and would look even better. I agreed (from the photo posted on tpf of it)
  9. Oo:huh::huh:o ... thanks! Now I'm even more excited. :smile:

    BTW ... Officier is my favourite Bal blue. It's just gorgeous! And with the Sapphire ... two amazing colours. I keep thinking I should get an Envelope Clutch down the road. I think it would be really nice to have one.
  10. They're both beautiful. Great choices. Congrats on getting something in the color you really love. That's so exciting!

    Happy early Birthday!
  11. happy birthday! what wonderful birthday pressies! :biggrin:
  12. Happy pre birthday & congrats!!
    I know what ya mean about that long treck to Bal NY - especially since a couple of the blocks on the way are still iced over and slippery!!:wtf:
    Michelle is also my SA and I think she is awesome!!! :tup:
  13. Congrats and an early Happy Birthday to you! Getting to Bal NY is a PIA but worth it once you get there! Glad to hear Olive is gorgeous..can't wait to see it IRL!
  14. Happy b day hannah, they are beautiful babies!many congrats!
  15. Happy Birthday! What a great find since they removed all the old stock from the stores!!!!!