Happy Birthday To Me!!!

  1. Just wanted to share my birthday loot :biggrin:
    resizedchloe 023.jpg resizedchloe 024.jpg
  2. OMG!!! LOVE them both!!! That SPY is TO DIE FOR!!!
  3. WoW!! Lucky you Happy Birthday!:yes: I love the color of your b-bag:heart:
  4. Thanks LV_addict and toonie.
  5. OH MY, I love them, especially the color of the spy! TDF!
  6. Happy Birthday! Gorgeous gifts - wow!!!
  7. WOW! The colors are gorgeous!
  8. Excellent choices!! Congrats on the new bags!
  9. WOW!!!!! That's a way to celebrate a B-day!! happy Birthday!!!!! Love those Fendi!
  10. Congrats, and happy birthday!
  11. Estile ~~ Happy Birthday! I love both, but especially your cognac Spy!
  12. Thanks once again guys - Pink , it's actually the chocolate brown not the cognac :amuse:

    I just noticed that the pics look kindda wierd on internet explorer. I uploaded them using a different web browser. Oh well :noworry:
  13. estile,congrats on your birthday and the fendis! :smile:
    You're so lucky to get one of those "oldies" spy handles, good to know Fendi starts making the handles like they did on the first season spies!!! :heart: :heart:
  14. whoooo!!! You cleaned up! beautiful bags. :smile:
  15. Those are the exact same Fendis I have!! Had. I just sold my B.Fendi. Congrats!!! And Happy Birthday!!
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