happy birthday to me =]

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  1. well the countdown is over!! today is my birthday, and i got my clutch today. i cant get great pics right now, but ill certainly show you the ones i have! :yahoo:

    the clutch is even better than i could of imagined!


    ill post better ones soon!
  2. Happy Birthday! That clutch is on my list to get...love it! (wanting in yellow).
  3. awww, I love the color! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Be sure to go out and use your gorgeous clutch! :flowers:
  4. oh i definetly will, and thanks! the clutch is beyond roomy, i can fit everything in it without the shape getting all weird.
  5. Happy Birthday! Lovely clutch!
  6. Happy Birthday!!! Your clutch looks amazing. What a gorgeous color! Congratulations!!!
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY - that clutch is gorgeous! Lucky girl....
  8. Love the color of that clutch! Happy Birthday Jeewanna!:smile:
  9. thankkks everyone! and you can just call me joanna LOL
  10. Happy Birthday! Love the clutch and the color is sooooo springy!
  11. Happy Belated Birthday. Nice clutch. :tup:
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOANNA! The clutch looks great, love the color!
  13. Love it. I love the color, the texture, style. That is a really cute bag. Happy
  14. Hey Happy Birthday!!! Nice choice...loving the green!!! Enjoy!!
  15. CUTE happy bday to you too!