Happy Birthday To Me

  1. Stopped by the Wall Street store today to get me a birthday present. Attached are my new pocket squares, La Danse and Bibliotheque. The little box is my chocolate Epsom business card holder. A gift from DH that I can't open till tomorrow when I actually turn 38. Two years to go before I get my 28 cm rigid Kelly, which will probably cost ten grand by then.

  2. ..................HAPPY BIRTHDAY...................:yahoo:

    ...........BEAUTIFUL YOU DESERVE IT....:yes::heart::heart:

  3. Happy birthday! Now open the box!:p
  4. Happy happy birthday. Love the scarves.
  5. Happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday to kittenhead,
    happy birthday to you!

  6. Happy Birthday!!!! What a great gifts to yourself!!! Congratulations!!! All the best!! :tup::tup:
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! so glad you and your dh treated you!
  8. How gorgeous, all of it, what a beautiful photo too, Happy Birthday. I'm sure that lovely Bolide will count you down very nicely to Kelly Day.
  9. happy birthday! beautiful choices!
  10. congrats! happy birthday!

    Beautiful choices - great colours!

  12. Kh, Congrats! and Happy early birthday! :smile:
  13. Happy, happy birthday! Enjoy your new toys. :flowers:
  14. I will post pix of that as soon as I can.
  15. Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy those beautiful gifts! ... will be back tomorrow to check what is in the box!