Happy Birthday To me!!!!

  1. It's finally my birthday!! I'm 21!!! :yahoo:
    Old enough to buy alcohol (even though i'm not an alcoholic or anything.)
    I feel so old...but in a good way!
    I'll soon be starting my career in dentistry...i just gotta learn how to drive.
  2. Happy Birthday!!!
  3. Happy Birthday!!!
  4. Happy Birthday carol!!! OLD????? you've got to be kidding me! lol. You got very good goals for this year, you must be proud of yourself. Wish you the best.
  5. happy birthday!!! :party: :drinkup:
  6. happy birthday!!=) any bday plans?
  7. I got school tomorrow so i can't really party or anything...not that i'm a party animal.
    I probably just go out to dinner later.
    and yes crylater3, i'm proud of myself!!!
    Thanks everybody!!!!
  8. :yahoo: I wish I was 21 again, that was a fun year. Enjoy!
  9. ~~**Happy Birthday~~**
  10. Happy birthday Carol!

    I remember I was snowed in for my 21st birthday...spent it drinking mixed drinks at home with my parents :roflmfao:
  11. ^^Me too....I just finished washing dishes...doesn't really feel like my birthday, except for a few messages I've gotten on my phone and TPF of course!

    I remember 21!! I think that was me who turned 21 almost 30 years ago... hmm... I best check old photos and make sure.

    Congrats honey, you are now a FULL adult!! WHOOO HOOOO
  13. Woo hoo, happy birthday Carol!! :yahoo::yahoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  14. Happy birthday!! :drinkup:
  15. Happy birthday! Good luck learning how to drive. :party: