Happy Birthday to me

  1. a lovely present from my sweet DH. presenting my black cambon tote with black patent cc's. it's my favorite bag so far.:yahoo:
  2. Love it ... Happy Bday!
  3. OMG!!!! AMAZING!!!! Congrats!!!
    Happy Birthday!!!!!!
  4. Ooh, congrats and happy bday! Love the black/black cambon line!
  5. congrats and happy birthday..
  6. Congrats, it's lovely....wear her with gd health!

    Btw, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to U! Enjoy it~~
  7. happy bday and congrats on your new cambon =)
  8. Congrats and happy birthday!
  9. Happy birthday....enjoy your new bag...
  10. Happy Birthday and congrats!
  11. Happy Birthday and congrats on your great bag!
  12. :balloon: Happy Birthday!:balloon: congrats on your Cambon tote! :yahoo:
  13. modeling pics from the birthday girl?
  14. :drinks:Congrats and Happy Birthday!
  15. Great present!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday.