Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. I blame Arnott for this. If she hadn't posted the pic of her mirage bandeaux, I wouldn't have looked at Vuitton.com to see if they made a carre. They do and when 866 told me they had one at 5th Avenue, I was on the subway faster than you could blink. I'm carrying my mirage speedy today because we're having dinner with the head of the company and darn if the carre wouldn't look great with my bordeaux suit, shoes and bag. Besides, tomorrow is my birthday. What's one more present to myself? Pics later, if I can steal away somewhere private, other than the ladies' room.
  2. WOO HOO! Congrats! You are a lucky lady!!
  3. Congratulations & Happy Birthday I had no idea

    Have a wonderful day you deserve it

    P.s I love that scarf good choice!
  4. Woohoo, happy birthday!
  5. yay congrats! happy birthday!
  6. Wow, congrats!!
  7. Oh and happy birthday!!
  8. Have a FAB b-day, restricter !!!!
    hope you get that scarf !!!!!!!
  9. Happy Bday, can't wait to see pics!!!
  10. Happy birthday! And can't wait to see that bandeaux!
  11. Happy Birthday and congrats! Post pics when you can!
  12. Have a very happy Birthday. :balloon:

    Congrats on your great find.
  13. :balloon::balloon::balloon:Happy Birthday:balloon::balloon::balloon:

    looking forward to the pics.
  14. Congrats and Happy Birthday, beautiful choice!
  15. Congrats and Happy Birthday. Can't wait to see photos!!!