Happy Birthday To Me!!!!

  1. hi ladies! My sweet husband got me a great birthday gift today....LEAGACY SHOULDER BAG IN WHISKEY!!! I have wanted that bag since I saw it in the coach store...he found it at macys for 230.00 ...it was on sale. He also got me the legacy wristlet (whiskey/legacy lining) It is perfect......
  2. Congrats and Happy Birthday!!! :balloon:
    Great find btw, The shoulder bag in whiskey is becoming very rare. :smile:
  3. That's awesome! Happy birthday.
  4. wow...great gift....enjoy!!!
  5. Congrats and happy bday!
  6. Happy b-day! I got the same bag last year for my b-day and I couldn't love it more! You two will be very happy together! Congrats
  7. That's amazing! Happy birthday!
  8. Great gifts, happy birthday!!!
  9. Congrats!!!
  10. Congratulations and happy birthday!! :smile:
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YA!!:balloon: and congrats on having such a great DH:yahoo:
  12. thanks! yeh he is great...and I love the bag! I have been looking at it all day...and I LOVE THE INSIDE, he does not understand but hey he still spoils me (we have 3 kids so that is not easy)lol :tup:
  13. Happy Birthday! My B-Day was on the 24th! Congrats on your awesome bag, fellow Leo!
  14. awww, what a super price he got it for. he's such a good shopper. can use the money to buy you extra things like that wristlet. you got the whole deal now. thanks for sharing this birthday excitement with us. i wish you a happy happy fun birthday!
  15. Happy Birthday!!! :balloon: Congrats on your new Coach as well! :yahoo: