Happy Birthday to ME!

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  1. :yahoo::yahoo::heart:

    My lovely man just bought me the oversize burgundy Muse from the YSL boutique as a birthday gift. I asked about the presale after scoping out the Uptown (via pictures) and the Downtown. The SA was very clear that she preferred the Muse over any other style. It was also her idea to get the burgundy, because it will go with black, brown, or gray. Pretty much anything but pastels, which I don't wear much.

    Hubby was baffled by the concept of "pre-sale". He got it when I compared it to strategic sourcing in business - namely establishing relationships with suppliers to get a lower price. He's still yakking at the sale price though. But obviously he luuuuvs me, even if he doesn't understand me.

    This means that an OS Oak Muse is going back to online NM, so be on the lookout if you want one.

  2. Happy Birthday and congratulations!
    It's such a great bag.
    Can't wait to see the pics.
  3. congrats and Happy Happy birthday!!!
  4. happy birthday ! congrats!
  5. Happy birthday & congrats BittyMonkey. =)
    Burgundy Muse is a great choice, I personally like its style much more than Uptown/Downtown and its color more than Oak.

    Please post pics when you get the bag. =)
  6. congrats and happy b-day!!
  7. I'll definitely post pictures when I pick it up. I can't get it until next week because of the presale; I can't wait! :yahoo:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!:drinks:
  8. Congrats and Happy Birthday! Great choice!
  9. Happy Birthday!!! and a great hubby...
  10. great bag & Happy Birthday!!
  11. Congrats and Happy Birthday!

    Can't wait to see pics!
  12. congrats!!!