Happy Birthday to Me!!

  1. Today was my birthday so of course a trip to the Flagship Coach store was in order! My boyfriend gave me a $100 gift card :love: I had 3 bags in mind and had to make the final decision. It was between the Pond Legacy shoulder bag, the large turquoise Ergo and the brown straw tote. After about 30 minutes of pacing and obsessing and lots of talking with the SA's, I chose the Ergo!!
    It's so stinkin' gorgeous and my face literally hurt from smiling so much! It's beautiful- so soft and lightweight (especially compared to my Legacy satchel). I was slightly bummed cause I wanted to order the 1/2 Pond Bangle but it wasn't in the system to order! Hopefully it'll be available sometime soon!
    I did add the cute little pig charm to go with the bag :smile: I'm totally in love with all of it!!
  2. Congrats and happy birthday!!!!
  3. AWESOME!!!! Happy Birthday!! :woohoo:
    Three excellent choices, I must say. Congrats on the new ergo!
  4. Happy Birthday! :wlae: Enjoy!
  5. Happy birthday!
  6. Happy Birthday to you!!! Congratulations on your New Ergo Turquoise Hobo. I have the Ergo Large Hobo in turquoise and absolutely love it. Enjoy carrying that bag.
  7. Happy Birthday :heart:
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Congrats on yer new bag!!
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :dothewave: And welcome to the Ergo club!
  10. Happy birthday and congrats on your gorgeous Ergo!!!! :smile:
  11. Congrats and happy birthday =)
  12. YAAAY!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY :smile: I love love my ergo!! :smile:

    any pictures to share!? :smile:
  13. happy birthday and congrats!!!
  14. Happy Birthday! :smile:
  15. awww, a cute little pig charm to go with your baggie. that's so cute.
    happy birthday by the way.
    and great choice of the ergo bag. isn't it lovely?
    hope you will get the pond bracelet too :smile: