Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Yay!!! It's my birthday :yahoo: Plus, dh said he will get me ANOTHER new bag for my birthday (he already bought me one). It will have to be an eBay thing though since I need to keep it within a price range but still :wlae: I'm also considering a cute Lucky Brand bag that I saw at Marshalls.

    He says he doesn't feel guilty buying his hunting stuff if I spend $$ on Coach, lol.

    Such a great dh I have :heart: Just wanted to share. Now...off to search eBay!
  2. Happy Birthday! Let us know what you get!
  3. Happy Birthday to you!!!
  4. omg my brithday is Sunday! March birthdays ROCK! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you get something FAB!
  5. Happy B-Day!!!! You deserve something special on this special day!!!
  6. Happy Birthday! :drinkup:
  7. Happy Birthday! Have a great one! :smile:
  8. Yay!!! March birthdays REALLY DO rock!!! I just celebrated mine yesterday!


  9. Happy Birthday to both of you!! :drinkup:

    My DH tries to keep me as far away from the coach store & eBay as possible - birthday or no birthday!!! (But then he shouldn't leave me alone all day long with a computer and car within close range of a Coach store...) You've got yourself a good man there!! ;)
  10. Thanks everyone! Happy birthday to all your March girls :jammin:

    candypalmer - I love your drunk cat avatar!

    Bags4Bubbles - I suspect he is still open to this because I JUST discovered Coach so he isn't fully aware of it yet, lol. Although, he does support my makeup addiction and he is fully aware of that one.

    Can I also just say that school should be automatically cancelled on one's birthday? It should be a law! I have to go to my dreaded Biology class tonight :yucky:
  11. ^ PS - Your signature is HILARIOUS... LOL, you put the numbers!!! :roflmfao:
  12. Yes, and a very , very, Happy Birthday to you, it is YOUR special day..to be and do whatever you wish!!!!
  13. Happy birthday to you and TXcollegegirl!

    Definitely keep us posted on what you get. I love lucky brand stuff too - they're always so cute!
  14. Happy Birthday all the March people!!!
  15. :smile: HAPPY BIRTHDAY:smile: