Happy Birthday to me! Just bought a Kooba Avery and SOO excited!!!

  1. Just clicked the pay button, and I don't know if I can wait for it to come!! Got the luggage color, and I just love the bag and love the color. I've been needing a brown bag and when I saw this color, I knew I had to have a bag in it, and then I saw the Avery in luggage, and I knew it was fate!

    And if I get enough birthday checks, I'm going all out and getting an Anna Corinna mini city tote, too! I love spoiling myself, but I have to keep reminding myself that I can't do this all the time!!:yahoo:
  2. Happy, Happy Birthday!!
    Do post pics when your new bag arrives. :yes:
  3. Yay! Happy Birthday! I love spoiling myself on my b-day too...**besides, those are the best gifts ;)**
    Make sure to show pictures when you get it! :smile:
  4. happy birthday!!!

    great choice on the Avery and i love the AC mini city tote too!!
  5. Happy birthday, Kim:yahoo: I'll be really interested in hearing what you think of the Avery, I've been looking at this bag as well, but nobody seems to know much about it, post some pics, will you?:smile:
  6. Happy Birthday to you!!
  7. Happy Birthday and congrats to you on your new Kooba!
  8. Happy birthday and congrats!
  9. Happy Birthday!
  10. Happy Birthday and Congratulations on your new baby!

    You sure will enjoy it when it arrives.
  11. Happy birthday! I know, waiting is the hardest part...good luck with the mini city tote too. I have one and even sa have complimented it when I'm browsing the handbag aisles.
  12. Happy birthday! And congratulations on your new bag!
  13. Thanks ladies, I'm so excited and glad I can share the sentiment with all of you! :idea:
  14. :party: Who wouldn't want to celebrate with a Kooba?:yahoo: Happy Happy Birthday!
  15. Happy BDay!